The academic year 2018/2019 starts on 1st September 2018   -   

The Arabic Academy was established in 2006 to fulfil the need for an Arabic school targeting those who want to learn or teach their children Arabic. We are keen to reach out to anyone who is interested in learning the Arabic language and groups of all ages from different backgrounds, ethnicities, nationalities and religions are welcome. Courses for adults are also organised

Although the Arabic language is strongly linked to the religion of Islam, the Arab's civilisation, the history of the Middle East and the Gulf, it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations (also including Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish). Besides learning the language that you like, this could create other opportunities for you: aid work, business, diplomacy, journalism, further study, tourism, and social research.

The academy has gained popularity over the past few years and it is well known amongst the local communities, the local authorities, and other institutions within Edinburgh. It is a non-for-profit private organisation and is partially funded by the City of Edinburgh Council.

In 2013, the Arabic Academy became an approved centre for setting up ELC, GCSE, and GCE examinations. This will help many students to choose Arabic as a subject of study at secondary school. Furthermore, this will allow us to provide our services to all communities and to those learning other languages such as Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Gaelic and Spanish

Besides a good teaching and safe environment your children will enjoy a sports hall, playground, arts room, a library and there is also a private car park available for parents.